Little Faces

Remember these two?

We reported on the house hunting. We reported on the courtship. Then they disappeared and we weren’t sure what was going on. About a month later the action got going again as a lot of food in the form of dead critters was delivered, mostly by the male. But the Mrs. soon got into the act too. Feeding has been going on for about four weeks now. We keep looking up at the opening but no one ever peeks out. Then it got really hot and the residents must have needed to get a breath of air because there was definitely someone or something poking out. We ran for the camera.

A foot! So we knew there was at least one chick.

Then yesterday we got this shot.

Pretty cool, right? We count three little faces and the possibility of  a fourth over on the left. Now we just have to be vigilant so we can get a photo when they fledge. Keep your fingers crossed.

Wait don’t go. One more photo, shot this morning with the flash.


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