History in the Making

Proudly displayed on my lawn.

Today is a big day in Wisconsin and the eyes of the nation are focused on what we do this day. It is an election day but not an ordinary election.  We are not just putting someone into the office of governor but hopefully we are removing the current governor from office. This is a Recall election. Governor Scott Walker has betrayed the people of Wisconsin, he has denigrated teachers, he has cut benefits from nurses, teachers, librarians, firemen, police, he has cut millions from public schools, he has repealed our Equal Pay Law, he has even tried to attack our right to vote. He has blatantly stated he has a “Divide and Conquer” agenda. But still half the people of our state believe he is doing this for our good. The beneficient father who knows what is best for his children. The remaining half, my half, of the state is shocked and saddened by what he has done but we refuse to remain passive, out of this the Recall Movement was born. It has been a contentious 18 months. But today history will be made. Will it end here? Not likely. If we can remove Mr. Walker, we still have a lot of repairing and cleaning up to do. If he stays in office we will have to be on guard and work to prevent him from doing more harm to our state.  I believe we will still remain divided.

I just returned from voting. The line was long and I was #474. For the primary, a little later in the morning, I was #289, so already it is evident that people are taking this seriously. Wish us luck, it’s going to be interesting.


3 thoughts on “History in the Making

  1. Sounds from the reports around the state that it will be a record vote. I just hope we voter the villain out – and what about that crooked clerk in Waukesha County who has held up many election results – I hope she was finally removed.

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