The Hut

This past weekend we took a mini-vacation road trip. We first stopped at a wildlife viewing spot near the Mack Wildlife Area. Black terns and white pelicans were the highlights. The terns were too fast to photograph but the pelicans were sitting and preening and posing for pictures.

White Pelicans

Next stop,  Nami Moon Farms in Custer, WI. We have a CSA (community supported agriculture) account with these people and since we were heading in their general direction we inquired if we might visit their farm. The answer was, “No problem, we aren’t going anywhere, we have a farm.” Their farm was great and Chris and Maria are a wonderful, hard-working young couple but that’s for another time.

This post is about road food and finding a place to eat lunch which isn’t a national chain. Usually we look for a little cafe or bar & grille but this day we were almost through the last bigger town before our farm stop and we hadn’t seen anyplace yet. All of  sudden, Curt called out,” Look over there, The Hut. ”

in Waupaca, Wisconsin

Sure enough, there was a little drive-in, packed with cars, always a good sign. We pulled in. It wasn’t very pretty. No golden arches and the only seating was on some aqua tables with attached bench seats that sat against the exterior walls. The menu was on the outside wall as well (there was another menu with prices at the order and pickup window.) We got in line.

Eat at a table or eat in your car

Order and Pickup Here

Now from past posts you may think we only eat free-range chickens and steamed fresh vegetables but we can enjoy a good burger and rings too. So what did we have?

Curt’s Bacon Cheddar Burger

Jeanne’s Mushroom Swiss Burger

Rings, in a little paper sack

Two Root Beers w/ colored straws

And how much did this gourmet lunch set us back? $8.00. Yes, you read that right, $8.00. Damn those calories and fat, it was tasty!


8 thoughts on “The Hut

  1. On Memorial Day we went to the cemetery in Hofa Park, then for ice cream at the stand on boat-landing road outside Cecil. Too much traffic coming home, so looking for an ice cream further north, we had to settle for the Mcdonalds on 141, Sampson Rd.

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