May: Gardens and Binoculars

May has been really busy around here so my posts have been neglected while I dig weeds, plant seeds, mulch and mow. It usually doesn’t start this early. Heck, we’ve had killing frost up here in Northeast Wisconsin as late as mid-May. But this year, even though we have had some really cool nights, there has been no danger of losing plants. No, we can’t put the tomatoes out yet but Curt has the onions and spinach and peas in. And it seems like he has been mowing forever. I have been tackling the various flower gardens we have and once I finish up writing I’ll be back out there digging. May is also when the birds migrate through this part of the state and since we are birders that hobby takes up the rest of the time. The following is a quick trip through our yard.

Spent all afternoon rounding off this garden for an easier mowing line.

The remainder of the front garden with the new mowing line. Lots of grass in there to tackle.

Garden on south side of house, currently under control.

Herb garden. Lavender in foreground weeded and mulched, the rest still needs tending.

Fence line garden. A mess! Scheduled for demolition.

Pond and deck garden. Close to done and where we go to relax from all the other garden work.

Don’t get me wrong, I love our gardens but some days I think with just the two of us we may have overdone it a bit. I think I need a garden boy. How about one of those guys from the movie Magic Mike? When he was done weeding he could bring me a nice cold ice tea. Hey, a gal can dream.

Let me end with our bird of the week: a yellow-headed blackbird. So cool.

Picture taken near Black Creek, WI


9 thoughts on “May: Gardens and Binoculars

  1. Oh, yeah; bring on that garden boy. I have been on my knees weeding and taking breaks to mulch the area I’ve just weeded. The pile of mulch does not seem to be going down. Nice to see some shots of your garden and a bird I’ve never seen before!

  2. Love the photo of the yellow-headed black bird…I’ve never seen one before. I’m sure all the hard work you are putting into your garden will show later in the growing season and it will be beautiful.

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