1 hole-unfurn, 25 sq in, bay view

We told you about the pair of American Kestrels that were thinking about setting up house in the tree in front of our house. Well, we were away for a week and weren’t sure if they began nesting there or not. We’ve seen the male around but not the female – so if they’re nesting she’s most certainly in the nest cavity and won’t come out for a while.
In the mean time, however, another couple has shown interest in one of the same cavities. The evening after we returned a pair of Wood Ducks showed up and started looking around. We didn’t think they’d move in because the hole seemed too small for her to get into but it was interesting to watch them explore the hole.

Male Wood Duck aloofly observing his mate checking out a possible nest cavity

Female Wood Duck checking things out

"Looks like a pretty tight fit"

This tree seriously needs to be cut down or trimmed but the rental activity has had us reconsidering its worth to the neighborhood.

Update: This post was written about a week ago and since then the ducks have moved on but the Kestrels have taken up residence. He continues to keep vigil on the wire, he’s been hassled by Grackles and he has been hovering around the cavity. Last night he enjoyed a dinner of garter snake. We’ll keep you posted.

snake for dinner

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