A brief pause from the action…

This blog originally was a goal I had for when I retired from the library where I pushed books on women who had “read everything”, narrow-minded men who wouldn’t read books written by women and unsuspecting teenagers who didn’t know what they wanted. So when the blog went up it was in my name and the gravatar was me toasting you all with a glass of red. Well, things changed. Since it was a blog of ‘food, art, books, birds and whatever’, I urged Curt to post, mostly the food entries. At that time I added two tags, author:Jeanne, author:Curt, to differentiate between the posts but those tags were so small I’m not sure our readers actually noticed. Sometimes it was obvious from the writing but still the blog heading had my name and picture in the upper right corner. So this weekend I made a change.

At first, I failed at finding a good picture of the two of us together and sitting in front of the computer camera or holding our digital camera out in front of us produced really dorky pictures. Next stop, vacation photos, where I found the perfect picture. It features a man and a woman, Food (apple), Art (itself), Books (a Bible story) and a snake instead of a bird (4 out of 5 ain’t bad). The picture was taken this past summer at The Gardiner Museum (of ceramics) in Toronto. Here is the full picture:

Tin-glazed earthenware dish portraying the Temptation of Adam and Eve, England,London, circa 1700-1730

I cropped it to just feature the cute couple. Once that was done, WordPress asked me to set a rating. R or X for nudity and lewdness? Not hardly. I settled for G, all audiences. Adam doesn’t even have the apple strategically placed since there isn’t anything to hide and Eve’s belly button looks just like her breast… or is it the other way around? So there we are, with both our names next to the picture.

Before I sign out for today I just have to share more of the plates we saw at The Gardiner. These were done to honor the various monarchs. I hope they felt honored and didn’t put the artists in the stocks.

Dish commemorating William III, England,Brisington (near Bristol), circa 1689-1702.

I think this King ran into doors alot.

Dish commemorating William III and Mary II, England,London, circa 1689-94.

A queen in a bustier? Or is that half of a bustier?

Catherine of Braganza, wife of Charles II, circa 1680

Braganza? No, I did not make that up. Honest.

And just so you don’t think everything we saw was this bizarre, I submit this beautiful example from Japan. It also puts this post into one of our main categories, birds.

Porcelain Dish with Standing Egret Design, Japan,Arita, circa 1640-60


7 thoughts on “A brief pause from the action…

  1. Love the description of finding the right books for folks! And every plate is wonderful. I’m sure none of the artists ever actually saw a reigning monarch so their fanciful imagery is so personal and delightful. Thanks for posting all of them.

  2. The ones that were the most fun to find books for were the teenagers. Because if they asked for something to read you knew they were serious ( teens don’t ask very much). I didn’t have to settle for just current work ( like the adults who had read it all) but could put Robert Heinlein into the hands of boy gamers and give Geraldine Brooks’ “March” to girls who may have read “Little Women”, or for that matter give them ‘Little Women”, (Louisa Mae Alcott was surely a feminist.) I also read books like “Twilight” so I could get into discussions with then about their favorites. Twas fun.

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