A Tale of Two Breakfasts

At our house we agree on most meals. Lunch can be soup, sandwiches, tacos, leftovers. It’s a grab bag. Dinner is whatever Curt, usually, or I concoct for that evening. You’ve seen a lot of our dinners posted here. On lazy nights it might be pizza from Papa Murphy’s or Chinese take-out.

But breakfast is an entirely different “kettle of fish.”  Or should I say, Curt will eat a kettle o’ fish for breakfast and I absolutely will not. A good example of what I am referring to happened this morning.

I had a doctor’s appointment at 9:00am so I wasn’t going to take the time to make oatmeal, or cook an egg; those choices would be acceptable breakfast fare for me on any other day. This morning I reached for my yogurt with peaches, popped a piece of bread in the toaster and got the coffee going. Five minutes later I was sitting at the table with my toast buttered, my coffee poured and two spoonfuls of yogurt in my mouth. I don’t eat cold pizza, leftovers from from last night’s dinner or compose soup for breakfast. I like “breakfast food”, or what is considered  breakfast food in this country.

Jeanne's typical breakfast

Curt, on the other hand, was still cutting and stirring and composing his breakfast. He gets up two hours before me but waits till I come down before he moves into the kitchen to start composing his morning meal. And we never fail to get into each other’s way. Today while I was grinding coffee he was chopping onions. On the counter where I put the butter was half an avocado, sour cream, cilantro and half a container of chicken broth that he had rummaged out of the fridge. Before my toast was up, he had put the butter away. I wish he would get creative before I arrived. Well, I knew things were going to get fast and furious real soon so I moved out quickly. As I headed for the dining room he was adding the leftover braised Mexican pork (in chili sauce) from the other night to a pan on the stove.

Ten minutes later Curt joined me at the table with a bowl of chilaquiles. In his bowl was a layer of blue corn chips, over this went the the pork/chicken broth mixture. On top of that an avocado, onion, cilantro, parmesan cheese layer and finally,a scrambled egg. Add a dollop of sour cream and that was a fairly typical breakfast. You would think he had just come in from plowing the north forty. But It is pretty normal around here for last night’s leftovers to get redefined as breakfast the next day.

Curt's typical breakfast

I was done and off to my appointment as Curt began digging in to his. What’s breakfast like at your house?


14 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Breakfasts

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  2. No matter the time of day, I do like my first meal to be somewhat ‘breakfast traditional’. Saying this, breakfast is my favourite meal. It’s popular in my family to have breakfast-for-dinner, or ‘brinner’. So perhaps this is the opposite to Curt… he has dinner food at breakfast time, I like to have breakfast at other times…

  3. Breakfast at our house is not at all like Curt will eat. I eat like Jeanne. My husband eats… cereal, eggos, toast anything quick and easy.

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