I became a Mom 25 years ago Today

Today I want to leave behind our normal theme of food or birds or art and celebrate the birth of our son, Nathan John. Twenty-five years ago today on a Sunday at 11:02am, he was born. Nine pounds, three and one half ounces of baby boy.

He’s a great guy.

Short hair days

When a child he was a beige eater: cheerios, buttered noodles, applesauce, Kraft cheese slices. He quickly graduated to more adventurous eating and this evening he told me he is going to a sushi happy hour with friends. His own cooking skills aren’t too bad and once he has a decent kitchen of his own I know his Dad’s good example of preparing the food in our house will serve him well.

He’s a science guy. Always wanted to be a paleontologist and from an early age could pronounce the dinosaur names way better than I. He has made it as far as a degree in geology. The job market has not been kind but who knows where the future will take him.

He’s a gamer and has been sitting at computers and working the mouse since he was four, now he owns a primo laptop, a so-so laptop and and desktop computer.

My son, age 4, and the Mac Plus (1991)

But he is also very much a nature lover.

He is a birder like us. Probably because we took him out on all our forays into the woods. His life list now is longer than mine after scoring 50 life birds on a trip to Belize. I don’t ever remember him saying ‘birdie’ as a kid but rather calling the bird by name…’robin’, ‘goldfinch’, ‘sparrow.’ On our road trips he would sit in the back seat and memorize the bird guide book.

The Birders: Nathan & Curt

He has a temper that flares up quickly but he can be as gentle as a lamb, catching bugs in the house and escorting them outdoors rather than squashing them flat as I am prone to do.

He can talk your ear off on a subject he is passionate about but make you pry every word out of him in a phone call.

Ever since high school he has wanted yellow pants. He always bemoaned the fact that guys clothes were in such boring colors. I finally located yellow pants this year. And some orange ones. Happy Birthday, don’t get mugged.

He has hair down to the middle of his back and a beard on his face. Wonder where he got that from? His parents were such a conservative looking couple.

12 inch ponytail

Ponytail parents













He is a fine young man, a good friend, a great son. So happy birthday Nathan, we love ya, and we are glad you came before Groundhog’s Day.


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