OK, home from the market. Now what to do with this stuff?


In our previous post we told you about all the goodies we purchased at the last Winter Market in Green Bay. When at the market it’s easy to get carried away and buy stuff you won’t end up using or buy more than you can use in a reasonable time – like before the next market.  So, now we’ll show you what we did with some of our produce and meat.

The trout is history. Curt cooked and ate that so fast I didn’t even get a picture. He had it for lunch on the Saturday he purchased it and the remainder for lunch on the following Sunday, both times he simply dusted a little flour on the skin side and sauted.  He said it was especially fresh, delicious and he wished he had bought more.  I am not a fish eater and I usually complain about the odor when he cooks it at home.  But this was so fresh there was not a hint of fishy smell in the house.

Today carrots and mixed greens from the market made for a wonderful taco lunch. The carrots were julienned and combined with thin slices of green mango (green mango is unripe and not necessarily green in color – you want the firmest, hardest mango available, regardless of color).  These were dressed with lime juice.  In the fridge he had some chunks of  roast pork he had bought at one of the mercados (Mexican grocery) in town.  He shredded some of this and heated it up in a skillet with a shot of Sriracha and some sweet chili paste and we were ready to go.

Several of the mercados in Green Bay have roast pork on the weekends, freshly roasted, mildly seasoned and cut to order by the pound – I get mine from la Espiga Supermercado on Main Street.  It’s a great convenience food to have on hand in the freezer because it can be used in so many different ways.    – Curt

Mixed salad greens from Twin Elm Gardens

Pop a tortilla on the stove, grill it a bit so its warm and a little toasty. Tortilla to plate, layer on some of the mixed salad greens (sprout and leafy stuff), add pork, top with carrots and mango, drizzle with Ketjap Marinade and lunch is ready! We each had two tacos and a fine lunch it was. More posts to come as we use more of our bounty.

Indonesian Sweet Soy from Netherlands

Improvised taco lunch


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