Knee and Vent trump Blog

I had my knee scoped on Tuesday. Also called arthroscopic surgery. I had meniscus tears on both sides of my right knee and hiking, and walking up and down stairs and hills was uncomfortable. So after cortizone injections and taking anti-inflammatories without much success I decided to “go under the knife.” I have a good doctor and I trust him so it wasn’t too difficult a decision.

I woke up from the surgery, groggy but feeling pretty good. I went home with instructions, a big ice pack and crutches. I even had pictures.

Inside my knee before.

inside my knee after.

The rest of the day was spent at home resting with my leg elevated and iced. Drinking tea and watching “Blood Ties” on DVD. Napping and moving slow. It was a low-key day and even when the anesthesia on my knee wore off I wasn’t in any pain. All good.

I went to bed at 11pm. Except for sleeping with my leg propped on a pillow I was expecting a pretty normal night. At 2:30am pain came knocking on my chamber door. It seemed to be located behind my knee in the hamstring area making it really hard to bend my knee. Just getting out of bed to head to the bathroom was an ordeal.  I hadn’t yet filled the prescriptions the doctor gave me for pain meds but I located some vicodin and took a tablet. It didn’t even touch the pain. The rest of the night was one of those where you dose and then look at the clock only to realize its only 15 minutes later.

The next morning things weren’t much better and I had an appointment with the physical therapist at 10:45am. My doctor believes in getting things moving right away. The therapist said the pain was normal for someone who had two meniscus tears. But I assure you, normal pain hurts as much as unusual pain.

Rest of the day – more rest, more ice, more episodes of “Blood Ties”, episodes of “White Collar” and some Words with Friends. Curt picked up my pain meds so percocet was the drug of the day. Pain still made sitting down on and getting up from the “throne” a challenge, to say the least.

Last night, I popped two percocets, crawled into bed, popped up my knee on a pillow and hoped for the best. Well I don’t know if it was the drugs (probably) or the rest during the day (couldn’t hurt) or my hopeful attitude (nah), but I had a good night. And pain was much diminished today. I felt so much better I had my husband drive me to my book group. Oh did I mention that it is my right knee? Driving is not on my to do list for awhile. Because I did some other things today like stopping at a store and doing some laundry I’m once again icing my propped up leg which ended up swollen. But no significant pain. Yeah!

To make matters more interesting around here we also are having a new exhaust vent and ducting put into the kitchen, and new lighting. Big hole in the kitchen ceiling and dishes, pans, tools, shop vac, junk…all over the place. It is a bit crazy around here. Lots of removal and repair.

hole in ceiling.

old vent.

Hopefully it won’t be long before we are back to normal but in the meantime there might be a lag between posts. But I promise when we get back it will be with something great to eat.

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