From Box to Bed

Recently we took at long look at our furniture and realized that 25 years had taken its toll. The chairs we had enjoyed for low these many years were a lot more springy than when we first bought them. The varnish on the arms was pretty worn and the upholstery was fraying. The dressers we had were the dressers my parents had for 25 years before passing them on to us.

My parent's dressers from the 50's

Our bed, well that has been a spring and a mattress right on the floor. No frame, no headboard.

We thought is was time we invested in some furniture and got off the floor. We aren’t getting any younger.

One of our favorite stores for furniture and household accessories is IKEA. IKEA is a Swedish company that designs and sells ready-to-assemble furniture such as beds, chairs, desks and home accessories like mirrors, linens, rugs and kitchenware. We were introduced to our first IKEA store in College Park, Maryland while we were visiting friends at a nearby town. It was love at first sight. The clean Scandinavian design appealed to us and the prices were unbelievably reasonable. The furniture was displayed in showrooms. Each had a number referring to the aisle and section on the warehouse floor where a box could be found that contained all of the parts, hardware and in some cases, tools, necessary to construct the chosen item. The only downside, they did not ship, so over the years of our marriage we transported various boxes of would-be furniture back to our home whenever we were near one of their stores, Burlington, ON, Schaumberg, IL, Bloomington, MN.

So the last time we were in Chicago we took a side trip to the Schaumburg store and scoped out the furniture. We found a platform bed we really liked which came with a separate headboard that attached to the wall. Next, chairs and bookshelves.  A nice cushy club chair for Curt, two replacement chairs for our sitting room, one small shelf and one large shelf. Dressers took longer to pick out because we had a style then a color disagreement. But the best find of all was IKEA now shipped. Don’t get me wrong it isn’t cheap but compared to renting a truck and driving down and back to Green Bay, it was a deal.

Now I mentioned that all of the furniture comes in pieces, all packed cleverly in boxes. It took us one week to get everything together and in use. Here’s the bed progression.

bed, headboard, bookcase boxes

Step 1: unpack parts

Step 2: frame

Step 3: finish frame and add drawers.

Step 4: add slats

Mattress on and spiffy drawers in (4 of them)

Final step: screw headboard to the wall

And that’s all there is to it. It’s nice not sleeping on the floor anymore


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