Easy but Elegant

You probably have noticed that we post a lot of food on our blog. Curt really loves to cook and we also belong to a “gourmet” group. So friends always say to us, “You must have gourmet dinners every night.” No, not true. We have many nights of tacos, pizza, soup/salad. Even dinners that seem “gourmet” come together pretty easily. Sunday night was a good example.

On Saturday Curt went to Parisi’s Groceteria, a winter market hosted by Parisi’s and Kavarna, two local restaurants. There he picked up some micro-greens, a chicken, celery root and kale. Next stop, the grocery where the asparagus looked really good and the price was reasonable. Back home we had frozen corn and scallops in the freezer and a squash from the garden was in the basement. Probably the most “gourmet” of the dinner was a jar of Piquillo Pepper Bruschetta spread. It’s from a company called Cucina and Amore and only costs $2.99 a jar.

Spicy micro mix - microgreens

Piquillo Pepper Bruschetta

All that was left was a little cooking and assembly.

Steam the asparagus.
Pan sear the scallops.
Saute the vegetables.
Cube the buttercup squash and saute in butter till tender and colored on the   edges. Remove squash from pan and add some chopped onions. Cook till lightly browned. Add onions to squash. Add frozen corn to skillet with  little water, cook till tender. Add squash and onions to the corn and heat through.

Ok. You are ready to assemble. Put a swoosh of pepper spread on the plate and add a serving of asparagus.

pepper spread and asparagus

Add the squash/corn mixture.

squash/corn added

Finally the scallops and a sprinkling of micro-greens.


Add a nice white wine. Ta-da! Easy but elegant. And what of the chicken, celery root and kale? That’s for another day. Hey, how about one more picture of those cute micro-greens.


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