Some Fall Surprises

Fall flag flying

The biggest fall surprise here in Wisconsin has been the weather. Some call it Indian Summer (is that politically correct?). I didn’t think it was officially IS until after the first frost which we haven’t really experienced in my tiny corner of the world. The pumpkin vine looked pretty limp but Curt picked tomatoes today, surprise! Maybe its global warming?

October tomatoes

Well, no matter what you call it, we have been having temperatures in the upper 70’s, low 80’s, for the last two weeks. Since this is Wisconsin and we know what is coming, these days have been packed with chores like getting the garlic planted, the rest of the garden put to bed, the pond cleaned up, leaves raked, bonsai trees mulched, gutters cleaned, etc., etc. Even the chipmunks I see running around have their cheeks full of seeds and nuts. As an aside, when I was in the garage earlier today I discovered a chipmunk in the container of sunflower seeds we put out for the birds. Someone forgot to put the lid back on and this guy thought he had died and gone to heaven. His cheeks were pretty big and he was a bit frantic, probably from being discovered and because the bucket was pretty deep and he wasn’t having a lot of luck getting out. I stuck a piece of wood in the bucket and he zipped up that ramp and literally high-tailed it out of the garage.

So yesterday while I was raking and mulching and cutting off dead flower heads these are some of the little surprises I found amongst the dried leaves and stems.

All the hostas are done for the year but one miniature hosta (Red October) was still blooming. Living up to its name?

Red October Hosta

Then Curt called out that the Toad Lilies were blooming. These are planted in a shady area under a tree and it is surprising how well the flowers blend in. They bloom in the fall but there have been years I have missed them completely.

Toad Lily

This year I planted some nasturtiums in my herb garden. They got a slow start and never really did well all summer. Today I noticed they had finally bloomed. Not too many but the few were just beautiful.


Nearby the California Poppies were still blooming.

California Poppies

And finally tucked in behind a wall where we cleared out an old woodpile were these little wild daisies. I don’t know what they are called but they hold their own with the other flowers just fine. Any surprises still in your gardens?

Wild daisies


3 thoughts on “Some Fall Surprises

  1. Wow…beautiful photos and great descriptions. I live in Iowa so I think that we got the same weather as you last week (you can have our one chipmunk…that crummy sunflower seed stealer!) Our cardinals and woodpeckers are taking full advantage of the suet feeders in our backyard.
    Take care and keep us posted (your due for a foot of snow soon!) HA! 😉

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