Sitting in the Dark

This has been a great summer of movies for me. I love movies and I like seeing them in a theater rather than on my TV. It makes no difference that I have an HD TV and a Blueray player, it just isn’t the same. My husband enjoys movies too and likes going to the “show.”  He will also see almost anything, from thrillers to chick flicks to stupid sight gag comedies but he pretty much draws the line at fantasy and SF. The summer began with Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris which we both loved.

Midnight in Paris

From there we went to Super 8.  I was surprised Curt was interested in  Super 8 since it had aliens but it had a lot of ET/Stand By Me nostalgia going on too. And it had a great “kicker.” The kicker is any extra scene tucked into the credits or shown after the credits. As usual, when the film ended most of the theater got up and headed for the door. Maybe 30 seconds into the credits the super 8 film the kids have been making (in the movie) plays. The crowd stopped, all jammed up by the door, to watch. We never leave early just because there is always a chance for a kicker!

So the summer was getting off to a great start and then the Super Hero movies started opening and I knew if I wanted to see them I’d have to go alone (sigh).

Enter Rachel. Rachel is a friend and former colleague from my years at the public library. Like me she is a big reader of fantasy and SF. Unlike me she is a gamer. She is also an anime/manga fan (she orders the anime/manga for the library) and got me interested in the genre. Since we are friends on Facebook I sent her a message wondering if she would want to go to the movies with me.

Side note: We are 30 years apart in age.
Second side note: It didn’t matter.

Lucky for me, she was interested and didn’t know anyone who wanted to go with her either. We made a date to see Thor. Not great but not bad either and part of the upcoming “Avengers” which was hinted at in the kicker. Next up,

X-men: First Class

X-men: First Class. Really good casting, thumbs up on this one. Yep, it had a kicker.

After that, we just kept going to each Sf/fantasy movie that opened. Green Lantern, Transformers:Dark of the Moon, Captain America, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows ( I saw this in 3D with Curt and 2D with Rachel), Conan the Barbarian. No they weren’t all great. But I hate being told by critics what I should see. We had fun at all of them.

In between all of these, I went with Curt to Horrible Bosses (ho-hum), Cowboys and Aliens (fun but weird), The Help (very fine) and Crazy, Stupid, Love (the trailers did this movie a disservice). And finally in Toronto we saw, El Bulli: Cooking in Progress. This is a movie that will never come to your local multiplex but if you love food, try to get it on DVD, it’s great.

It has been a fun summer sitting in the dark and fall into winter promises to be good too. My wanna see list: Contagion, Three Musketeers, The Immortals, Breaking Dawn ( I’ll need a third movie buddy for this one), Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol and finally, the Hollywood version of Girl with a Dragon Tattoo. I think I can divide those up nicely between my two movie partners.


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