He’s smokin’

After talking about it, lobbying for it, and completely ignoring my reasons for not getting it….my husband has bought a smoker. I thought I had him convinced that we didn’t need a smoker until all those family reunions came into our lives last August and then this August. My husband has two brothers and both of them have smokers. And brother Mark brought smoked beef brisket to the picnic and other brother Steve brought smoked pork butt. I could see the three of them with their heads together talking smoke and meat and custom fittings. I have to admit the meat was very good but this was a big gathering with lots of people, a fitting place for large smoked pieces of meat. Once we are home we are just two people who do not host large picnics or cater Packer parties.

I thought I had dodged the bullet and wouldn’t be dancing around another cooking machine in my garage. Well flash ahead a year, smokers are on sale at Fleet Farm and my honey comes home with one and a big smile. Why did I ever think a potter, a man whose working life revolved around fire and heat, a man who loves to cook, would ever resist the lure of  a smoker. He had a few setbacks in the beginning, namely parts that wouldn’t fit, no holes for where screws needed to go, but after a few calls to the company who made it and new parts coming in the mail he was ready to go.

I have to admit, it is cute. Looks like the little engine that could.

Smokey the smoker

He didn’t get to use it till we returned from our recent trip to North Tonawanda but that just gave him another round with brother Steve. Picking his brain on techniques and tips. And of course eating some beef he smoked.

This past weekend was the inaugural event. Curt smoked two chickens. How did it go? I’ll leave that story to him.


11 thoughts on “He’s smokin’

  1. Ah, a smoker. That sounds like something my husband would like, too. I can’t wait to hear about the smoked chicken. SOUNDS good. Hope it tasted good, too.

  2. There is something here about a retired ceramics prof. longing for kiln firings in this post. I’ll wait for Curt’s transfiguration….. or for the curious pots that appear from this pseudo kiln. George Orr comes to mind…..

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    • I don’t have the power to do that on my end. And if you are getting multiples of the same comment that sounds like a glitch on WordPress’ end. You could always “unfollow” me or “unsubscribe”. There should be a button on my blog for that. Or if you are on WordPress yourself there is a category called “blogs I follow”. There is an edit tab and I found an on/off button for comments. I don’t usually get a ton of comments on my blog but I agree it can be annoying, especially multiples.

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