A year passed…what a coincidence

Do you believe in coincidence or happenstance?

If you’ve been reading this blog you know that the last year has been crazy for us. It began with the death of my father-in-law last August. That took us back to Western New York several times, for his funeral, an estate sale, house painting and fixing, a second funeral when my mother-in-law died and then there was the selling of the house. In between there was a family reunion to attend. We were back “home” more this year than probably in our entire marriage.

But it didn’t all begin just a year ago but a year ago exactly. And no need to look at the calendar.

Every year in Green Bay, WI., since 1982, there has been a festival called ArtStreet. It’s an end of summer art fair. There are also food booths, community booths, kid’s area and entertainment stages featuring music and dance. Over the years Curt and I have been volunteers, on organizing committees, or had our own booth where we sold his ceramics. For many years now, we have just attended. We usually go on Saturday morning ( it’s a two-day event), and last year while we were returning home, my cell phone rang and we were informed that Curt’s Dad had fallen. He never regained consciousness and died overnight. In between then and now, all of those events I talked about earlier occurred.

Since the end of July we’ve been trying to close on the house and many times we thought it was going to happen before August. But with four siblings all living in different states, getting papers signed has been an experience in patience with realtors, lawyers , appraisers, inspectors, FedEx and the postal service. Finally last Wednesday, after all of the cancellations and rescheduling, we received the message, “The check is in the mail.”


Today was the beginning of ArtStreet weekend 2011. We went out this morning, Saturday morning, as usual. Bought some art, met some old friends.When we returned home, there in the mailbox was the check, the house was officially sold, signaling the end of a year of family loss and family bonding. Of course, for another family, the one who bought the house, it’s a new beginning.

What a coincidence.


10 thoughts on “A year passed…what a coincidence

  1. That’s a lovely looking house with a great tree! It’s nice to think of a new family starting out there. Sounds like a long year and quite amazing that it literally began and ended on the same date. You’re off to a good start to your “new” year with a day of art!

    • Yes we supported the arts with some fine purchases as well. And it is a rather nice tree. His father always kept a huge garden as well. Behind this simple house is more than a acre of land.

  2. Isn’t it something when it all seems to come together like that? I know better than to imagine it all just came to “be,” but when affairs wrap up all tidy like that there is a bit of a feeling that maybe unseen hands were at work to helping us along. Here’s to moving forward … MJ

  3. Very nice — whether provident or coincidence. I’ve been blogging and googling and I checked on Pastor Hoyer. He is in Hilton Head, SC, retired and I got his phone number!
    Should I call? Not asking, just going over in my head, should I? Should I?

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