We got STUFF!

We are at it again! Yes…another garage sale. Or you may call it a rummage sale, and I think it’s a tag sale out East. But whatever you call it, we are having it. We did this last year, just around this time too. Then, I had only been retired for about two months, Curt had been out almost a year and we were going to divest ourselves of all the miscellaneous STUFF we had accumulated from 30+ years of marriage and work. We sat here for two days and we sold a lot of stuff. A lot! By the end of the second day we were drained. On my post last year I said, “Would I do this again? Ask me in ten years.”

Well in one year a lot happened. My father-in-law died in August, we moved my mother-in-law to a memory care facility, we went back in April and sorted and tagged a TON of their stuff and had an estate sale at their home in New York, while we were there my mother-in-law died, we then cleaned, painted and sold my husband’s childhood home (closing is in 4 weeks!). All that in the year since our last sale.

Our heads were spinning. The primary question in our mind, after dealing with my husband’s family, was, do we want to leave our son with all of this stuff? Stuff we certainly have used, thought we were going to use or might eventually use? Two artists, a professor, a librarian, a cook, two packrats, and two gardeners all live in this house and all of them have STUFF. And frankly, the garage sale last year hardly made a dent. So we got all those people together (Okay, it’s just the two of us) and decided we would do it again but for one day only.

We have ruthlessly edited our books. I have gone through clothes which I will advertise as vintage 70’s and Curt still amazes me with some of the things he dredges up from his studio, garage attic and old shed. This time we also went into the dark corners of the basement. Brushing off those cobwebs and dead insects was yucky. Our basement is old and unfinished but we found some interesting stuff hiding down there. Curt put the announcement for the sale on Craigslist Monday night and while I was off making snacks for little kids at Vacation Bible School on Tuesday morning, our first customer appeared. Last year we refused early birds but this year Curt said, come on in! And $245. in sales later he was glad he did. So we are off to a good start. There is lot of good stuff left.

Need to make a hat?

Need to make a quilt? And a rack for...?

Need to strain the seeds out of those tomatoes? raspberries?

Need to get away from those computer games?

How about having fun building models?

Need to tattoo your dog? or...

Need a bank? (happy face) A really big globe light (it works!)

How about some really big wall maps?

See anything you like? Stop by.

We start at 8am Friday, and if you are an early bird I won’t see you

but Curt will be up.


9 thoughts on “We got STUFF!

  1. You two are so dimensional! If you edited as much as I do, your house would look like ours and you wouldn’t be you…..so to balance us out, I’ll be over to search some of your dimensions. I get the part of not wanting your offspring do the task of the undoing after the after and I’ll try to remember that when I’m at your Friday undoing. Can’t pass up books, pots, etc. See you….M

  2. You’re courageous! I can gather up the gumption to do a garage sale only every 5 years or so. So much effort. But good for you!

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