Books and Butterflies


We had another cool and rainy weekend. On top of that I did something to my knee on Thursday so I was not going into the garden even if the weather was good. We’ve been meaning to go through stuff around here for another garage sale so this seemed to be the time to get started. Since running up and down basement stairs wasn’t on my doctor’s list of things I could do, we decided to tackle the bookshelves. Two artists, one a professor and one a librarian means a lot of books. Curt used a lot of these as reference for his classes, many were books we picked up at used book sales, some were gifts; but they were overflowing the book cases so it was time for a major weed. Once we got into a rhythm the sorting went quickly. By Sunday afternoon we had thirteen boxes of books ready to sell or give away.

Some will go straight to the garage sale.

Some will be researched for possible eBay sale.

Some will be offered to a bookdealer in Chicago who deals with Asian topics.

The best part is we now have some empty shelves. Next week, the basement?


Move ahead to Monday and the sun is shining, it’s in the mid 70’s. Beautiful weather. My knee is feeling better so I am out and about checking out my garden, potting up some flowers I purchased last week and watering the ones already potted. As I watered the big pot I noticed a lot of butterflies flying around and settling down on the flowers. First one, then two, then five! A few more on the little pot next to it brought the number to seven or eight. My first thought, after “how cool is this”, was call Curt and get the camera. He knew right away that they were Painted Ladies.

I was somewhat skeptical but the book, “Insects: A Guide to Familiar American Insects”, a Golden Nature Guide, confirmed his identification. Glad we hadn’t added that one to the garage sale box. By the time I got the camera there were only three left on the flowers. Can you spot them?

Three Painted Ladies


7 thoughts on “Books and Butterflies

  1. Love the flowers. Seems like a little butterfly enjoyed them too! I need to do the same I’ve got so many books. Sorting through everything is such a daunting task but it does feel good when the task is done, doesn’t it.

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