Hey Froggy!

It’s been hot here. Really hot. Yesterday we hit 93 and today my thermometer said 91. On top of that its been humid so we haven’t been spending much time in the garden. Each day I head out to the asparagus patch and pick about a pound of spears. Asparagus likes the heat and if I miss a day the stalks get too tall and start to feather out.

One Day's Harvest

Another necessary outdoor task is watering the plants that have yet to go into the big garden (basil, thyme and parsley are waiting) and the flowers I have in pots. I am planning on potting a lot of geraniums this year but I have only gotten one done. I noticed as I was watering it, a lot of dirt had been kicked out of the pot and was scattered in the stones underneath.

I tucked some back in and watered, then I started on the big pot next to the geranium. Out popped the dirt kicking culprit. Off he went, up the air conditioner and on to the energy meter on the side of the house.

Cope's Grey Tree Frog

I quickly went in and grabbed the camera  so I could take a picture of the vandal. Presumably for the wanted poster? Curt came out and tried to grab him but only caught a bit of his leg before he squirted out of his hand. But that little grab helped us do an ID. There was a little flash of color on the inside of his leg which makes us think he was not just a grey tree frog but a Cope’s grey tree frog.

We know he’s not really a malicious vandal just a little critter looking for a cool dark place away from the sun and the heat and a flowerpot full of black dirt is the perfect spot. We are glad we have these little guys around.


6 thoughts on “Hey Froggy!

    • Me, too. I was in a business plan competition and had to get it done. I did not make the finalist round which is disappointing and not. Now I feel as if I am floating around looking for a great project to be involved with but not sure what.

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