My Love/Hate Relationship with Dandelions

Dandelions with friend

Dandelions make me crazy. And that’s a shame because they are a pretty little flower, probably the first flower I ever took notice of as a kid. They grew everywhere and no one seemed to care if you picked them so they made a perfect gift bouquet for my Mom. You could also link them together and make lovely necklaces. (Cut a slit in the bottom half of the stem with your fingernail and thread another stem through it, etc.) What Mom wouldn’t want to wear this?

A beautiful dandelion necklace

Once they went to seed they formed the cutest puff-ball that was so much fun to blow on and send the seeds out into the wind. Little did I know I was propagating a weed.

AP Photo/Winfried Rothermel

And then there was the quaint little test to see if you liked butter. Hold the dandelion flower just under your chin. If your chin shone yellow, you liked butter. The yellow just naturally reflected on to the skin so everyone, except guys with beards I guess, liked butter.

Tender young leaves are edible so if you become lost or stranded in a field of dandelions you won’t starve. At least not right away.

But now as I gaze out at my lawn I wish the dandelions would go live in the neighbor’s yard. Or maybe the dandelion eaters in the neighborhood would come over and harvest a bushel for tonight’s dinner. Do these weeds/flowers have to be fruitful and multiply in my lawn, my other flower gardens, every crack next to the house and in the driveway?

Be Fruitful

and Multiply

And boy, are they sneaky. Hiding under my bleeding heart and my rose bushes and my hosta. Only to quick poke out their yellow flower and hope I don’t spot them before they go to seed and spread their offspring. I have to say they look okay when they are blooming and the puff-balls are sort of cute but when all the seeds have blown away, those naked stems sure look crappy.

The beginning of the nasty stage

At this point the lawn is hopeless but I might have a chance with the garden. Tomorrow will be another day on patrol with my pigsticker (that’s what we call our weeding tool).

Pigsticker (not used on pigs)

Since we’ve had a lot of rain lately  I should be able to get the whole root before it breaks off.

Look out Dandy Lions! Here I come!!

Whoa! I just found this guy.

There are definitely some things nastier than dandelions.

Get the gloves, this one won't go quietly.


4 thoughts on “My Love/Hate Relationship with Dandelions

  1. Oh my gosh the Indy 500. It was truly one of the most exciting events I have ever attended. We had friends that lived in Indiana and his father got us “pit passes” I almost died when Mario Andretti, SR. was just on the otherside of the fence from me. We had a wild fun filled week-end.


    • It’s exciting, isn’t it! At least you got in legally. I think today we would have been kicked out. Hey I almost missed your comment since you put it at the end of the dandelions. 🙂

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