Brisk Walk

Had a bunch of errands today. I have a very good friend and former colleague who is retiring in 2 weeks. The sendoff party is next Monday but we will be on the road to North Tonawanda, NY (more on that in a later post). I wanted to get a couple of presents I had for her to the library where others could hide them now and add them to the other goodies she surely will receive next week. But first I had to wrap them. That sounds easy but one was a scarf I’d knitted. I like to give gifts you can use for most of the year in Wisconsin. Anyway since I had knitted it I felt it important to add material content and washing instructions. That took about 20 minutes to locate the wrapper from the yarn, make up a clever little card, and attach it with a clever little ribbon. Once that was done, I got it wrapped and ready to go. I also was gifting her with a favorite print we’ve had for many years. It is called “Good Citizens” and it is an image of sheep, all on the run right toward the viewer. These girls have lived at our house a long time, it’s time for them to move into another sheep lover’s home. That didn’t take as long. Now off to church to buy some gift cards for Starbucks and Target. (Our church gets a percent of gift cards sold, they call it scrip). To Target to get tissue paper and a nice big gift bag to put everything into and then to the library. Drop off gifts, see old friends, talk for a while, pick up audio CD ( Freedom by Jonathan Franzen), sort books for upcoming book sale and then out the door.

Now when I started this trip I also threw my gym bag in the car but now I just don’t want to go. No will-power whatsoever but a lot of guilt. I stopped for a cup of coffee instead. So once I got home I figured I had to walk off that guilt. The gym probably would have been better. It’s 47 today in my neck of the woods and a pretty brisk wind forced me into a knit cap,  a muffler tied around my neck.  As I headed out the door, I grabbed my gloves and my camera. Surely since I had officially bid adieu to Old Man Winter, spritely Spring would be showing herself. Here is what I found.

Hosta on side of house

The daylilies I thought the snowplow guy killed. Hah!

Lichen or moss, which is it?

Water running through the roadside weeds from under the snow.

Mushrooms on a stump from last Fall

Bittersweet still hanging on.

I think I only put in about a half mile but since half of that was uphill into a brisk, nay – stiff wind it must count for more, right?


3 thoughts on “Brisk Walk

  1. It’s raining and 45 degrees here today, Jeanne! Nice to see your hosta coming up…I need to go out and check for signs of the rhubarb. Haven’t seen tulips or the sedum poking through yet…

    You’re the second person who’s mentioned the Franzen book…I read another one of his last year for our Book Club…it was okay, I guess.


    • Reviews were so-so on his other books but someone on our birding trip recommended this one so I’m loading it on my iTouch so we can listen to it on our trip to my husband’s homestead. I’m also loading a Baldacci book (True Blue) in case Franzen gets boring.

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