Spring has to be Brave

Sign of Spring: Red-winged Blackbird

While I wait impatiently for the first round results of March Movie Madness I may as well post on what everyone is thinking about, warmer weather and some green to break up this bleak brown landscape. We hope Spring will poke her head up and actually consider appearing. Here in Northeast Wisconsin, all of the piles of snow, except for the giant ones, are gone. However I just took a walk out to the mailbox and frankly if I were Spring I’d tuck myself in for a while longer. I think I know what the Earth must have looked like right after the glaciers receded, really flat in some areas and really torn up in others. In my yard the snow and ice made everything flat, the snowplow guy did the tearing up.

On my relatively short walk I encountered twigs and sticks from pencil to walking staff size, strewn everywhere like a pick-up-sticks game. Pine cones and a lot of leaves we missed last fall lie flattened. Rabbit turds galore! Also looks like the neighbor’s dog visited the yard more than once. Enough said on that topic, you get the idea.  And because we have a lot of bird feeders there are piles of seed hulls just below where the feeders are hanging. I suspect those aren’t all hulls so there may be quite a sunflower and thistle garden in those spots that will have to be removed.

My Halloween pumpkins are pretty flat.You last met them in an earlier post.

Pancake Pumpkins

And this mourning dove was probably catapulted into our yard after colliding with a car or a snowplow. I’m surprised it’s the only body I’ve discovered, so far.

Winter:1 - Mourning Dove:0

But once Spring gets brave enough most of this debris will get used up or disappear beneath the grass and flowers and weeds that will push past. We will rake or pull up or pick up the rest.

This year however we have some new projects to deal with. We had a new snow plow guy who was maybe a bit too aggressive going after the mountains of snow that tried to bury us this winter. In his defense we did get a LOT of snow and there were times he just didn’t have anywhere to go with it or he couldn’t see what was under or behind some of the piles he had created the time before. Thus our lawn has some divots that are more like trenches. This lovely clump was once daylilies that grew just to the left of the driveway entrance.

Daylily clump

Looks like they have moved a good 6 feet. Well we were planning on dividing and moving them anyway, probably just not that dramatically.

Black scraped area was where they used to be

The paver stairs down to the lower garden will need some repositioning.

Snowplow wins again!

What a mess! Shoot, Spring ain’t poking her head up around here for a while. But wait, over there, against the house. Is that green, is it a new shoot? Yes, look a dandelion!! Of course, who else would be brave enough to take the first step?

The First Dandelion


5 thoughts on “Spring has to be Brave

  1. Hey, Jeanne…MMM results are out over at Clay’s! My movie made it through Round 1!

    We also had piles and piles of bird seed debris on our deck, and an overzealous snow plow guy…I think sod was his only victim however…

    I wonder if anyone’s mourning the mourning dove? LOL!


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