I don’t know if anyone notices but I get bored with the look of my blog. That’s why this particular theme works so well for me, once I figured out how to use it. If you have been reading me over the last year, my first year, I have been changing the header and the colors of the borders.  All of the pictures are of the view across the road from my house and I have been doing it seasonally. Once I get the picture in I change the border colors to go with the picture. Right now I am so tired of winter I had to change the picture the other day even if it isn’t officially spring. The new scene still probably looks like winter to many of you but look closely. The snow is patchy and there is some ground and brush peeking through. Also the sky is blue and it is sunny. If you squint you can see that there are shadows by the trees. And if you use your imagination and wish real hard you can see buds on the trees and green on the grass. I’ve got a bad case of springitis. My mother tried to cheer me up by bringing me this little plastic flower. It has a solar sensor so when it’s in a sunny window it nods and the leaves wave.


It nods and waves.

On the other hand my husband’s orchids have once again come into bloom and that has certainly brightened up the house.

white orchid

Okay I may be stretching things and spring is probably many weeks (months) away, however we have heard cardinals singing and a friend reported that her daffodils are starting to poke through the earth – whoa, they’ll be sorry. We did have some snow last night but it was melted by 9am. That’s good because it’s one less time I have to pay my snow plow guy.  Well I am going to try to keep my optimism high even though the weather man in the other room (I don’t have a personal weatherman, the TV is on), is predicting  4 – 6 inches of snow tonight.

According to a recent poll I could only be happier if I was a married, male, Asian-American Jew over 50 years old. I’m happy for you guys but I’m good waiting here for the first robin.


9 thoughts on “Springitis?

  1. I felt the first hint of spring today as well. So nice. I’m not a big flower guy, but I do like orchids a great deal and those are sweet.
    By the way, you are in the mix for the movie tournament my friend. Thanks for great suggestions. In case you didn’t see, the bracket is up with all details and the movie you will be connected with. Should be fun!

  2. I was thinking about spring this morning, Jeanne…I posted this quote on my Facebook status: “It’s spring fever. That is what the name of it is. And when you’ve got it, you want – oh, you don’t quite know what it is you do want, but it just fairly makes your heart ache, you want it so!” Mark Twain

    My daughter called me this morning to tell me we had Bohemian Waxwings at home…they’re huge!

    Love Curt’s orchids…I’m sure he’s happy you’re not a man too!


    • Aren’t those Bohemians great? Hope your husband the birder got to see them. Great that you had them at your home, we had to search them out over here.

  3. Raining, cold and blowy here in England too – signs of spring yellow daffs, purple crocuses (crocci?) and white snowdrops. Perfect International Women’s Day colours!
    I love the spoons idea.

    • Yes, what’s with this weather? But you will get spring earlier than me. I remember being in London one year in January and saw flowers in the window boxes. Thanks for commenting.

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