First, I cleaned up the kitchen

Last night, when it was obvious that I had forgotten that Monday (not Tuesday) was Valentine’s Day, Jeanne said “if the kitchen is cleaned up when I get up in the morning, I’ll give you a kiss.”

Well, that was easy enough.  I usually get up about 2 hours before she does and it only takes a few minutes to do up the dishes, even if I had a beef roast and lots of drippings to deal with.  But, I was feeling a little guilty.  It wasn’t exactly like I had done anything to actually honor the day.

For breakfast  I offered blueberry pancakes but she declined, suggesting instead that we meet for lunch later.  OK, another easy out.  Let someone else do the cooking and I just pick up the tab.  So Titletown Brewing it was.  Nice lunch, but still not exactly getting me off the hook, Valentine’s-wise.

After lunch I had to stop at the grocery to pick up some milk and so I took the opportunity to see what was fresh in the produce department -maybe I could come up with something for dinner to salvage my honor.

Hmmm, the asparagus looked good (not even close to locavore fare at this time of year but, what the hell, it’s Valentine’s Day).  OK, asparagus, now what?  Hmmm, that would probably be tasty wrapped in some prosciutto, maybe some Parmigiano-Reggiano shaved over the top with an egg, cooked easy.  So I go to my local cheese-monger to get some prosciutto and I see a sign for a new cheese, Rush Creek Reserve, an unpasteurized 60-day ripe cheese wrapped in cedar strips from the Uplands Cheese Company in Dodgeville, Wisconsin.  Wow!!!! What a great cheese.  Thick and gooey at room temperature.  Just wonderful!  On toast, a great accompaniment to the asparagus/prosciutto/egg deal.

Rush Creek Reserve cheese

Asparagus with Prosciutto, egg and Parmesan

Now, Jeanne and I have recently been looking at an old (1951 copyright) book called Family Meals and Hospitality (more from this curious volume another day) .  The authors were all faculty in Home Economics Departments at Hunter College or New York University (who knew that NYU had a Home Economics department?).  The illustrations in the book are hilarious and one seemed appropriate for today.

Dining out at home is fun, even when the waiter is a novice.

We contrived to reproduce the photo, but lacked a third-party photographer, so we took turns posing.

At any rate, the dinner was delicious.  The cheese spectacular –  and I think I salvaged Valentine’s Day from the routine of washing dishes.


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