Not Quite the Lombardi Trophy

Packer shirt/flag

I was just starting to come down from the HUGE Superbowl win, when I opened my inbox to find  The Stylish Blogger Award sent from prolific blogger extraordinaire, Wendy, at Herding Cats in Hammond River. When I started blogging I never thought there would be awards, well it’s sort of an award. This is more like a chain letter award but its been given to me by a blogger I admire so I am honored. Those who receive this from me, remember it’s because we love you.

Stylish Blogger Award

As a reward recipient I must meet the following requirements:

1. Write 7 things about myself.

This will be an eclectic list and I may include Curt since he is my co-writer, even though he says it’s my turn to write.

2. Present the award to six bloggers.

My blogroll is not large but it has some great bloggers who are very deserving of this honor. They may not know I read them because I don’t always comment.

3. Contact those people.


4. Create a link back to the person who honored me.

It’s in the first paragraph.

The Seven:

I already told you a lot about me on my “about me” page so I am going to try to dig up some other facts that might be interesting.

1. I learned to drive stick shift on a red Volkswagen Bus also called a Kombi. It had one bench seat in the back but was otherwise empty. No carpet, no cup holders, no heat. My way home had one hill with a stop light at the top. I hated to get the red light there because when the light changed I had to shift like mad as I rolled backwards and prayed not to stall it!!!

2. I read Manga (Japanese comics) and I watch Anime (Japanese animated cartoons). Current Manga series: Yakitate!! Japan, Current Anime series: Soul Eater

3. I am NOT a morning person. My husband is a morning person. Maybe that’s why we’ve stayed together for 37 years. A good thing is the coffee is always ready by the time I get up.

4. My parents actually owned a turquoise convertible ’57 Chevy. We didn’t know it was an iconic car back then but now when I look at those old pictures I am amazed that my parents were so cool.

1957 BelAir Chevy convertible

5. I love vampire books, from Dracula to Twilight, from Chelsea Quinn Yarbro to L. J. Smith. They can be cute, ugly, killers, lovers, sparkly, bloody…I read them all.

6. Since my team just won the Superbowl, did I mention I was a football fan? My father was a diehard Chicago Bear fan and I grew up that way. But after moving to Green Bay, I changed my stripes. You can’t imagine living in a small city with a national team. As one of the players recently said, ” When you screw-up in a game in Green Bay, the next day the lady at the grocery store tells you about it.”  And she knows enough about football to give you advice.

7. I hate the cold and I live in northeast Wisconsin, go figure.

The Six:

Here are my winners, I hope they carry on the fun!

1. Bloggin’ Along Terra is a former colleague. She gave me advice on how to start when I first got into blogging. She’s a mom with a very active five year old, who you will hear a lot about in her blog and great husband, who prefers to remain anonymous. She’s a fulltime librarian, a voracious reader.

2. Blank Blogger Another mom, Becky – who is unbelievably busy chasing around a one year old, working fulltime and starting to work on her master’s degree. Because of this schedule her posts are infrequent but everyone is a jewel. She is a great writer and has a wonderful sense of humor.

3. Notes From Rumbly Cottage Rumbly found me when I was Freshly Pressed (you know I don’t know her name!) and I immediately loved her blog when I visited back. She really does deserve the Stylish Blogger Award, hers is beautiful. A fiber person, a reader…how can you go wrong.

4. Each Little World This blog is one that Curt follows even though he has never commented so the authors are going to wonder where the heck this notice came from. I think he likes it because Linda and Mark are also artists, art teachers and gardeners. The photography is beautiful, another true stylish blog.

5. A Minnesota Transplant Another blogger I met through FP. I’m a former Chicagoan that lives in Wisconsin, she’s a former Minnesotan who lives in Illinois. It’s all good.

6. Pile o’ Books I found this one while searching for book blogs. You’ll be adding to your own pile o’ books when you follow this one but I bet she won’t have time to pass on the Stylish Blogger Award. But that’s OK, I’m just happy to share this blog.

Well that took more time than I thought, no wonder Curt passed on attending the award ceremony. Lots of editors, artists and book lovers. Happy reading.

11 thoughts on “Not Quite the Lombardi Trophy

  1. Congrats again, Jeanne and Curt! Thank you for the kind words!

    I can only drive stick shift on tractors…I learned at age 11 on a 1948 Ford!

    I think my parents left their wedding ceremony (August, 1959) in a car like that (borrowed from my Uncle Bob!)…

    Will enjoy checking out your list…that’s the most fun of awards for me is highlighting blogs I like, and finding new ones to add!


  2. You are so deserving, Jeanne. I loved you as soon as I noticed that you are holding a wine glass in your picture. That Packer obsession of yours is simply an unfornate side note. Hmmm, today’s entry was going to be the ultimate in navel gazing but now I have to re-think.

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