It Takes a Village to Buy a Carpet


How could such a simple trip to buy a rug for the dining room become such a huge deal?

or Contemporary?

The rug that sits under our dining table is really nearing the end of its life. I would like to relegate it to the office area where it would go under the computer table and the file cabinet. No one can see it there and it would make the room quieter than the old painted wood flooring. So in Sunday’s newspaper one of our local department stores was advertising its Home Sale: 5 X 7 foot rugs, 40 – 50% off ! And I also had a coupon for an additional 15% off. Great! I’d have a good deal on my floor in a little over an hour.

The only fly in the ointment, my dear husband wished to go along. OK, he has to live with this new rug too so he might as well help pick out a pattern. It would also be nice to have an extra hand lugging it out to the car.

First stop, Kohl’s. The Home Sale was still going on and if we could settle on a pattern I could take home a good-sized carpet for only $80 – $100. But the ones I liked, Curt didn’t. The ones he liked, I couldn’t live with. Or the pile wasn’t soft enough, or the acrylic fiber looked just too acrylic. So Curt suggested we look at Home Depot. The carpet we have now probably came from there originally so I agreed to look, telling my husband to keep in mind the budget. Home Depot had some nice carpets and had them in a variety of sizes adding another dimension to our search. Prices were a bit higher, and the carpet had to be ordered. There was free shipping but we would have to wait 3-5 days. Notes were taken on patterns acceptable to both.

Menard’s is in sight of Home Depot so my husband convinced me that one more stop wouldn’t hurt. It didn’t hurt but things were going down hill fast. Prices were great if you wanted ducks, bear or fish on your floor. How about a nice red shag or indoor/outdoor in Packer colors.

Priced right.

Not quite what I had in mind. I was inclined to go back to the original store but the comparison shopper I live with thought Fleet Farm might be a good place to look. Not good. Too rustic, too hunting cabin, too child-like. The cow jumped over the moon rug was cute but no.

We circled back to Kohl’s, took another look, but no agreement could be reached.

Currently, I do not have a new carpet, the sale will be a thing of the past soon and my husband has now checked Home Depot’s website for the rugs we took notes on. Prices online are a little cheaper than in the store and shipping charge is 97 cents. Such a deal he says, let’s get two! How come with his help I’m up to four times my original budget? Oh well, now we just have to decide if we are classic or contemporary? This is going to take forever.


7 thoughts on “It Takes a Village to Buy a Carpet

  1. Jim and I have different tastes: I’m classic/antique and he’s contemporary. The living room is “his” to decorate as he wishes…the rest of the house is mine (it’s a big house!). It’s worked okay so far…


  2. The red shag would have been a hoot! But, what is it with men and decorating for the home? Never got new window treatments with my late husband (and the all was old when I moved in) as we could never come to an agreement on drapes or sheers for the living & dining room. The dry cleaner always had us sign a waiver that he wasn’t responsible if they fell apart at their annual cleaning!

  3. amusing….but not so. Dave and I recently did a similar rug hunt to no avail in Green Bay. Other venues tried were Target, Younkers, TJMaxx, various rug/carpet shops. In the end it was that came to our rescue….plus we found agreement! You’ll enjoy the search even if it doesn’t give tangible results.

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