Where are we Going?

probably Chicaco, Illinoise

I could not believe it! I just did a post about football where I featured pictures of our local newspaper. I didn’t think I would be doing it again so soon. The football madness continues here and Monday’s paper was no exception, touting the upcoming trip to Chicago, or did it?  Checking my Facebook account last night I noticed one of my friends wondered if the editor of the Green Bay Press Gazette could tell her where Chicaco is?  What? No, can’t be true.

I went and dug through the recycle bag to find my copy of the paper. I read that headline, it didn’t say that, did it? Sure enough. Giant capital letters that even made the Jay Leno Show last night.

It is amazing what the brain will do. I have read those weird sentences that leave out all of the vowels but still are understandable, but all the vowels were intact in this word. You know this might prove to be a savings measure for the paper. Granted they substituted a letter but removing vowels could help with costs. Or maybe firing the proofreader.

Well I think our team will get to the right city and play the right team but I’m not sure what game the local paper will be covering.


2 thoughts on “Where are we Going?

  1. As a former newspaper copy editor, I empathize with this poor copy editor (I didn’t see it the first time, either). It’s exactly this reason I do not reread projects or posts after I press “send” — too late to fix and I hate it when I catch things later (oh, OK, sometimes I reread posts and fix them — ugh!). On a related note, I am married to a man who grew up in Illinois and is an avid football fan. Suffice it to say, we’ll be wearing orange and blue on Sunday. Go Bears!

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