We’re having a Blizzard

View out my back window

Yep, as I type the snow is falling or rather coming at my windows horizontally because the wind is 25-35 mph with gusts to 45 mph. Add to that dropping temperatures and you’ve got a blizzard. Hey, they just announced we have 10 inches of snow and it is still coming down so I guess I wish I had gotten those snowshoes my friends urged me to buy.

But I don’t have to be anywhere (even if I was working, I am a librarian not an emergency nurse), I have plenty of food and a husband who cooks, its warm inside and I don’t have to worry about my son driving across the state in a snowstorm.  He left Green Bay for Eau Claire on Friday, a 3 hour trip. It was cold and clear with snow expected on Saturday. That snow became a blizzard that slowly crossed the state all day Saturday and most of Sunday. This threw me into an immediate panic because I knew he was coming home on Sunday but he called and said he wouldn’t be leaving till Monday morning. My husband was the most thankful because he claims I would drive him crazy with my wailing and hand-wringing and pacing but he exaggerates, I’d just get drunk.

The wind is probably the worst part. About 4am our plow guy came and cleared our driveway but by 9am you couldn’t tell anything had been done.

Drift in driveway


And it is especially hard on the birds. We have a lot of feeders and the birds are holding on for dear life trying to get some seed before it blows away. I am continuing this post a few hours from when I began and the wind is still blowing. We have huge drifts in our driveway but across the road you can see the corn stubble in the field. We could hardly get out of the house because both the front and back door were blocked.

Blocked front door

My husband finally was able to nudge open the back door just enough for me to squeeze out. I cleared away the snow so he could get out, we cleared the front door, brushed off some of the pine trees, scraped ice off a few windows so we could see out and rushed back inside.

Well, the head chef just started a loaf of bread and told me we are having spaghetti for dinner so I guess I’ll have to just drink my chai, put my feet up and wait for the wind to stop blowing. Oh look, the sun came out. Cheers!

Sun over blocked driveway


3 thoughts on “We’re having a Blizzard

  1. We Washingtonians/Wisconsonites, having a survived a foot or so, (this past week), of constant RAIN are jealous and will also bake bread and dream of being “snowed in” once again. How delicious.

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