Birthday Monks

Monks on Rollercoaster Birthday Card

Today is my Sweetie’s* birthday. ( *”Sweetie” being Curt: friend, lover, husband, father, co-author of this blog, all around great cook, artist, gardener and major procrastinator). This is not one of those landmark birthdays but its getting close. Something happens at 65, I’m not sure what…medicare, fallen arches, bald spots? But that’s not until next year, for him, I’ve got three and a half years yet.

It is always very difficult finding a gift for Curt. Mainly because he buys everything he needs or wants instead of leaving a few items for us to get for him. He loves eBay, garage sales, flea markets  and antiquing (junking as he puts it) and is always looking for and buying interesting items to add to his many collections. It’s hard to compete against that. Also, a birthday in December means I have to find something for two major gifting days in one month. It probably wouldn’t hold so much pressure for me if he wasn’t such a good gift giver. Good and clever. For example, for Christmas I’ll get him a shirt and a wonderful new gadget for the kitchen and he will get me gourmet chocolates, interesting pins or brooches he bought at a flea market 6 months earlier, an antique tape measure or a case of a wine I especially enjoyed at a local restaurant. I love his presents and his thoughtfulness but I wish I could be as clever for him.

gift of a keyboard

I think I did a little better this time. He recently bought himself an iPad and it would have been easy to say that he already had his birthday present and just forget it, but fortunately iPads have accessories. So this morning I gave him a wireless keyboard to add to his new electronic goodie. I think I surprised him and he really liked the birthday card too. That’s it at the beginning of this post. I really dislike ordinary birthday cards with their sappy sentiments or their dorky age humor but monks on a roller coaster just can’t be beat.

The rest of the day was spent getting out some Christmas decorations and making truffles. We also shared a wonderful birthday dinner. Wonderful because Curt made it himself.

Now, what to get him for Christmas?


One thought on “Birthday Monks

  1. Happy Birthday, Curt!

    Love the card, Jeanne…it doesn’t get much better than monks on a rollercoaster!

    I haven’t even thought about a Christmas present for Jim yet…I’m afraid I’m a procrastinator too…


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