A Month of Pumpkins

Back on November 1st I blogged and bragged about my Jack o’ Lanterns and how, after they had guarded my house from spirits on All Hallow’s Eve, they would spend the rest of their days across the road serving as a silent chorus. Smiling and grimacing and singing their silent songs to the kids who rode by on the school buses every morning and evening. I felt it only fair that their vigil be reported on now that they have sat for a month. First of all, here they are on All Saint’s Day, November one.

Jack o' Lanterns, 11/01/2010

Even after a week their teeth have started to recede. They look like old men who have to gum their food because they have left their dentures in the glass by the side of the bed. The fourth one was the first created but seems to be holding his own especially over his neighbor to the left, who was a fine Jack Skellington but now is folding in on himself, large eyes and mouth will do that. Number two is doing quite well but his orifices are smaller and his teeth were attached to his lower lip, lucky guy. At this point however, with their wide open mouths, their songs are the strongest of the year.

But now it is 30 days later. We have had lots of rain, a bit of sleet, some freezing, some thawing, even a few days in the 50s and 60s. All you can hear from the chorus is an occasional note because as you can see everyone has pretty much gone to sleep. In a short time, snow will cover their soft bodies and they will sink into the earth. So long, its been good to know ya.

Jack o' Lanterns, 11/30/2010

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