Hooks, sticks and eyes

In my last post I went on about a loom I had purchased years ago and never got to what I was using now instead of a loom, namely knitting needles, crochet hooks and sewing needles. They are so much more portable than a big loom and don’t take up a lot of space. I am not the type of person that can just sit and watch the television, I have got to be doing something else.  Knitting, crochet, cross-stitch, all are easy to do while just sitting.

I started seriously getting back into hand work after I had bunion surgery this past January. Post-op, I had to sit a lot. Not being able to walk around freely whenever I wanted made me stir crazy and I gained weight (5 pounds!). So I decided that while I recuperated I would read and, I was going to teach myself to knit socks. The reading went well but the socks never happened.  Teaching yourself to knit socks is one of the most frustrating and demoralizing projects I have ever tackled. I got books, I watched videos on the internet, I got the circular needles, the double-pointed needles, I was LOST! I may revisit it someday with a teacher/guide at my side. How do they cast on to four needles anyway!

So while I was into this sock thing I spent some time digging through the various fiber tools I own and discovered my Grandmother’ s tiny steel crochet hooks that I inherited when she died. There are only two of them, plus one old plastic needle. The steel needles are super tiny (#1, #9) but the plastic one is so worn that there are no markings left.


crochet hooks


These are only special because my Grandmother used them, you can purchase the little steel hooks in most craft stores but I had never used any this small. What did I do with them?

First I went looking for thread and discovered I had some balls of mercerized cotton in a variety of colors. It was fine enough to be used with the little hooks so I just started  working in a circle and moving out to create a small bag shape. It was fun and I started combining various colors and even strands with sparkles.


White cotton



B&W cotton



Black nylon


Then I moved on to larger hooks and nylon. The pictures here are the bags in progress. Some need handles, drawstrings and all will be lined when I am done. Besides the bags I’ve been knitting scarves and some goofy birds.

Maybe a Christmas sale or a Spring sale is in the works. So that’s the hooks and sticks, what about the eyes? Well a cross-stitch needle of course, how about a sheep? This is a sample from a larger picture I designed. More about that later.


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