On the Road to a Family Reunion: Day 4 – The Visitor’s Center, Hair and Water

Friday the 13th: Hey we finally made it, well yesterday afternoon. We are in New York. The clan is gathering but the reunion isn’t till tomorrow. We have to pick up our son at the Buffalo airport at 11:45am so we’ve got time to kill. What to do?

Niagara Falls is close by but we’ve seen it many times. Since we are staying in Lockport, NY we decide the first stop should be the Lockport Visitor Center. We are the only tourists in the center at the time so the gal behind the counter has a captive audience. In a span of ten minutes I find out that she is in seminary school, she has grown out her hair just long enough to make her round face look slimmer and she’s a Buffalo Bills fan who has tickets to the first game which is against the Miami Dolphins and she wants the Bills to “Squish the Fish!

We also find lots of brochures about the Erie Canal which runs right through the center of Lockport and we get a free book about the Sutherland Sisters just by filling out a questionnaire.

The Seven Sutherland Sisters

The visitor center has been quite entertaining but now it’s time to head over to the Lockport Locks or at least one of the five. The “Flight of Five” refers to five locks along the canal constructed (in 1825 no less!) to move boats up the 60 feet of the Niagara Escarpment. The story is totally amazing but describing it here could prove to be pretty boring. So I will refer you to “How locks work.” and just say that the gates are humongous and they are opened and closed daily so boats, little and big, can get up and down this manmade waterway.

Another interesting site along the canal or rather over the canal is the Upside -down Bridge. Here I am trying to make you believe I am holding it up or maybe I am being held up by a highwayman? I am going to end here with a few shots of the canal just to get you all excited about locks and bridges and moving boats and big gates and guys busting their butts, building this thing when all they had were pretty basic tools and a whole lot of mules.

Next on our journey: the family re-unites!

Old lock

Really big gates

old lock

View down the canal, upside down bridge in distance

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