On the Road to a Family Reunion: Day 3 – Timbits!

3:25pm (EST): Third day on the road, last leg of the trip, driving the New York Thruway. Too much driving, too much sitting and both of us are ready for a break. At each exit we check those “Food this exit” signs, hoping for a Starbucks when we see a sign for “Tim Horton’s.”

Tim Horton, Tim Horton! Sing it to the melody of the “Jim Bowie”  theme song from the 1950’s TV show, The Adventures of Jim Bowie. What does this have to do with Tim Horton and Timbits, nothing! It’s just one of those dopey family things.

When our son Nathan was probably ten we took a road trip to Maine. Along the way we traveled through Canada and discovered a donut shop called Tim Horton’s. It’s a BIG chain in Canada (we’ve heard that 60% of all coffee sold at retail in Canada comes from a Tim Horton’s) but, then, we had never heard of Tim Hortons’s probably because we aren’t hockey fans. Tim Horton, who started the franchise, was a very popular hockey player who began his career with the Toronto Maple Leafs.  They have recently expanded into the US, mostly in the East. Anyway, I can’t remember if we stopped for breakfast or a snack but once we were inside we discovered that along with donuts, they sold Timbits, which are simply, donut holes. Our son just loved the name and we did too. It was just so damn cute and they came in lots of flavors and their own little cute box with a handle.

Nathan kept the empty box from that memorable day, in his room for months until the ants discovered it or it got moldy…all I know is that it finally got tossed.

But to this day, when we see a Tim Horton’s, we start singing and then stop for Timbits! It’s a long wait between our Timbits fix since we live in the Midwest but that makes them even more special.


3 thoughts on “On the Road to a Family Reunion: Day 3 – Timbits!

  1. Hey travelers, Horton’s a big deal all through BC as well. Terrific breakfast if you can come up with enough empty space to pack it all in. Pam liked the hamburger…of sourse. Glad you are having fun and have a continued safe and eventful trip. Pam is at a big Library doings in Victoria. I am … am. :):)

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