On the Road to a Family Reunion: Day 1- a Mournful Whistle Blows in Nappanee

Homespun Country Inn

Nappanee, Indiana – Amish country, a sweet, quaint B&B and we are tired. Drove 300+ miles from Green Bay and it was nice to be greeted by Dennis and Diane, the proprietors. The decorations were typical Victorian era and Early American antiques. Hat boxes, doilies, handmade quilts and on the bedside table: candies, antique lamp, earplugs, kleenex, flowery dresser scarf…WAIT A MINUTE, earplugs?

Complimentary earplugs

I didn’t really think about them again till about midnight when I heard the first train whistle and the rumbling sound. Then about 20 minutes later another train wakes me, I listen, then I doze off.¬† Thirty minute nap? Maybe. Another train. I’m not really getting much sleep, then it dawns on me, earplugs! Courtesy of the B&B.

They worked pretty well but around 3AM when I got up to go to the bathroom, the trains were still blowing their horns and heating up the rails. Curt was also snoring so when I got back into bed those plugs were stuffed back into my ears.

I guess you can’t check where and when trains might be running when you make reservations but if you check in and see earplugs on your bedside table just stick them in your ears before you shut out the light. They probably help you get through the night.

Oh the breakfast the next morning was great.


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