A Tiskit, A Tasket, We filled our Basket

Our market basket. This weekend we made a pilgrimage to Madison, our state’s capitol, to visit the Triennial art exhibit at the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art and to shop at the Dane County Farmers Market on the Square. It is advertised as the largest producer-only farmers market in the country. There are probably bigger markets but at this one all items for sale must be produced locally by the person behind the table. Carbon footprint is a nice size at this market. There is actually a three-year waiting list for new vendors. Probably because it draws thousands of people. We came down from Green Bay and happened to meet people we know from Green Bay doing the same thing we were doing. When we were there the Transplant Games were also going on in Madison, so there were people from all over the country at the market. I am sure that happens a lot because the State Capitol draws a lot of conventions and groups.

So what did we fill our basket with? Well there is everything at this market from emu to fuzzy top garlic. We didn’t opt for emu but fuzzy top went in, along with muzik and Greek blue garlic, purple viking potatoes (hmm, in Wisconsin?), rye bread, potato Kamut bread, peach pie from the Amish seller, apricots, chioggia beets and fresh brebis cheese (with garlic). We needed to save some room for our visit to Penzeys Spices and Fraboni’s Deli.

A  peek at the crowd around the square and some of the signs and sights of the market.


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