We take you from your regularly scheduled message for a short rant.

Twice in the last week I watched shows that reported on germs and bacteria. They focused in on public toilets. Guess where the majority of the crud resides? Not the seat – not the bowl – not the covered paper rolls –  not the handle, no, no,no.

The place where the worst of the worst lives and grows is on the floor.

I won’t go into details but its pretty gross down there. The experts advise? Don’t put your purse or your packages on the floor. Well I agree, that’s a great solution but the hooks in most of the stalls I visited today were gone. I was in the Overture Center in Madison, WI (a pretty classy place from outward appearance). The first stall I was in had three holes in the door where the hook used to be so I moved but of course, the second stall was missing its hook too!

Stall at the Overture Center

What to do? Well I could hold my purse in one hand, but if you’re like me, removing the paper from the roll and using it in the way it was intended requires more than one hand. Everytime I try to tear the paper with one hand the roll just keeps unraveling so that I have such a long piece it droops down on to the dreaded floor. I’ve tried hooking my purse on my shoulder but as soon as I dip my shoulder it comes sliding down to my wrist and then inevitably rests on the floor from hell. God help you if you have any packages. If there was a hook you could at the very least hang up your purse and then jam the packages in the space between the handles. I remember being in some stalls that were equipped with little fold down shelves. Now that was great but I guess those were too expensive, or got trashed or stolen or whatever toilet vandals do.

I can’t imagine what guys go through. My husband says there never have been hooks. If he has a package his choices are the changing table, the ledge above the urinal (which could be suspect) or the sink counter, which is usually swamped.

Come on people, replace the hooks that fallout or get ripped out of the doors because I’m coming over to your house and laying my purse down on your kitchen counter.

Hooks! Give us hooks or we are all going to die! Cough!

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