Chop, Toss and add Pecans

Summer salad

It’s hot, hot, hot. What’s for dinner? Do I even want to eat? No, I don’t want to turn on the oven.  And forget the grill.  What to do? Make a summer salad.

Super easy. Just look at what you have in the fridge and the fruit bowl.

Last night we had a cucumber, tomatoes, a red onion, celery, a green pepper and a nectarine. There was one orange left that was supposed to go in another recipe that never happened and a can of water chestnuts in the pantry. We always keep some pre-cooked frozen shrimp around, so a few of those were thawed out.

Cut the veggies and fruit into salad size pieces, drain the water chestnuts, and toss everything into a bowl. Add the shrimp, fresh basil and pecans.

Curt made a dressing with lime juice, olive oil, agave syrup (just a bit), salt and some canned chipotle peppers. But you can make a simple vinaigrette and it would be just perfect.

Toss the dressing with the salad and you’re ready to eat. We served ours with a Shiraz and Paratha (Indian flatbread). Tomorrow night you can combine a totally different collection of veggies, add crusty bread and Pinot Noir.

Next time you hit your local farmer’s market (see post on July 18), think salad.


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