Alright already!

View from the back window

It is raining, again. If I had wanted this much rain I would have moved to Seattle but I chose to stay in old boring Wisconsin where the most excitement we get out of weather is the occasional blizzard and then I just lock the door, heat up the stew, break out the beer and watch football.

But this is July and so far, this month alone, we have had 8, count ’em, 8 inches of rain. Officially 7.78 but right now the sky is getting really grey so it will probably be 8 by tonight. We’ve already beat the record of 7.46 inches set in 1912  and have had rain fourteen out of the last twenty-two days.  Curt feels like he mows every other day. Good thing we bought a new mower. This one has a cup holder which is good since he spends so much time on it, too bad it doesn’t also have a porta-potty. To give a little perspective, we normally have about three and a half inches in July. And if July isn’t bad enough, June had close to seven inches.

The rain has made the area look pretty lush which isn’t a bad thing but we are getting to a point where it just might be too much rain. We’ve noticed some tomato blight.  The trees in our yard are not just green in their leaves, the trunks have a thick growth of lichen making them green too.


Probably because along with the rain its been really humid. Did I say Seattle, maybe Louisiana is more like it.

I complain, but the grey tree frogs must enjoy this weather because they sing their songs at night. A juvenile actually sat on the side of the house last night sharing a spot by the door with an orb spider. And those little nature notebook moments make me stop my whining.

Juvenile grey tree frog and a spider

OK, no more complaining, this is Wisconsin and it will soon be snowing.


One thought on “Alright already!

  1. Good moring…well from here at least. Nicole said Manty had over ten inches and the highest part of the town had backed up storm sewers. Her basement filled … how awful. With you being on a rise were you able to avoid it all? Rain, rain, we haven’t had a drop in two, three weeks. It cloud up a bit this week. I for one don’t care for sky with nary a whisp of a cloud …. blue, blue, blue …now that is conplaining isn’t it? But no more as soon it will be Oct and 9 months of ain.
    I miss tree frogs clinging to the windows, lawn tractors… but not grass or grass cutting. LOL

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