What’s better than strawberry shortcake?

Raspberry shortcake, of course. And this is definitely a Jeanne recipe and not a Curt recipe because it is quick, super easy and, its a dessert. Curt is not the dessert maker. This got started because our neighbors have too many raspberries that are ripening faster than they can eat them. This past weekend they were going to be away and we were taking care of their dog. Soon after they left on Friday, Julie called us and said, “Please feel free to pick as many raspberries as you want, please.” Well, I did.

I still had some black raspberries so I combined them in a bowl and added  sugar to taste. (Let them sit a little while so a nice juice forms.)

Now for my secret weapon, Bisquick. Just follow the shortcake recipe on the back of the box. I guess some people stick their nose up at Bisquick but I have made some really great breakfasts and desserts from this box.

I even own “Betty Crocker’s Bisquick Cookbook, second printing 1973.” It has a great subtitle: “Seven mini cookbooks in one with step-by-step recipes.” I was married in 1973, how could a new bride resist that title? ( I think my mother-in-law got it by saving box-tops and gave it to me as a gift.  Was she worried?) Little did I know then, that I soon would not be the primary cook in this marriage however I have still held status as dessert chef.

Look at this book! The cover fell off a couple of years ago and the pages are stained and wrinkly just like my Grandmother’s old cookbooks. Its been well-used.

torn off cover and stained but still in use

Anyway, make and bake those shortcakes, let them cool. Then split, put the bottom half in your serving bowl. Spoon on some raspberries and add a layer of whipped cream or vanilla ice cream, put the other half of the shortcake on top and add more raspberries and more whipped cream if you want.  Of course, strawberries are great too and we used Oreo cookies and cream ice cream the last time we made them. Experiment, have fun. And if you can find a copy of this cookbook, buy it!

Sorry I don’t have a finished product to show you, everyone started eating so fast I forgot to grab the camera.


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