Garage Sale Memories

A week ago we were sitting here exhausted, eating pizza and wondering if we had gotten everything priced…we hadn’t. Yes, the garage sale, showcasing 3 decades of junque, was just 12 hours away.

This is the first time since then that I have felt ready to report the details. On the day we were setting up a car pulled into the driveway. A man, and a woman on crutches got out and wanted to know if they could look around.  Since we had hardly done any pricing  we said no, come back tomorrow at 8am. Bye! See ya. About two hours later another guy showed up and we were about to tell him to hit the road when he mentioned he was mostly interested in the 2-gallon Redwing crock. Since he knew exactly what he wanted we let him in. After deciding to take the crock he asked if he could browse. Ok, sure. And $200 later he was on his way. So even before the sale officially started we were ahead; we were dog tired but our spirits were definitely up.

Redwing crocks

Friday morning, Curt got up early and put the signs out at the road.  I got up a little later and quickly got dressed and ready because I knew that early birds on sale day was not uncommon. We listed our opening at 8am but by 7:30 they started showing up. A friend came over to help which was good since we were still pricing while lots of people started arriving.

Once the sale got going, things sold fast and furiously. Highlights included getting $50. for the old rusty, lawn tractor and having 3 other guys ask about it while the buyer was loading it into his truck, watching the tattooed guy buy the dumbbells and a deer skull, and having a little kid examine every toy dinosaur for authenticity before deciding which one to purchase. Curt tried to sell a ton of restaurant dishes that he had bought over many years. If he was asked once, he was asked a million times,”Where did you get all the dishes?” “Where do you keep all these dishes?” Curt’s question after the sale was, “Why didn’t more of these dishes sell?” Oh well, back to the attic with them.

Dishes, dishes, dishes

When all was said and done, we made enough moola to buy a new grill,  a new umbrella for the deck and new cushions for the deck chairs. Sure, there was a lot of stuff left but a lot is gone and there’s some extra money in the bank.  Would I do it again? Ask me in ten years.

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