Korean times two

We’ve had two nights of Korean based food, Curt’s take on bulgogi and bibimbap. The inspiration came from two unlikely places, the World Market and EatingWell magazine (July/August 2010). At the World Market store we were looking for piri-piri sauce which we couldn’t find but came upon World Grill’s Bulgogi: Korean Style Marinade. This is a soy-based sesame sauce which is used in Korean dishes such as bulgogi. The day after we had made the bulgogi the EatingWell magazine arrived and featured an article about grilling, Korean style, called “smoke, fire, fish.”

Curt writing now:  I’ve only had bulgogi a few times and long ago, so I was making things up as I went along to match my vague memory.  I marinated a beef skirt steak in the bottled marinade for about 45 minutes,  grilled it until medium-rare and thinly sliced it against the grain.  We served it with sticky rice and stir-fried baby bok choi dressed with a little oyster sauce, some chopped peanuts, and some kim chi on the side (made using David Chang’s recipe from Momofuku).

The bibimbap follows the example in EatingWell magazine but we didn’t have a few of the ingredients they called for (fresh Shiitake, bean sprouts, cucumber, radish or the Korean chili paste called gochujang) so I improvised.  I used julienned carrots, oyster mushroom, cherry tomatoes and some green beans.  For the gochujang substitute, I mixed some Sriracha chili sauce, red miso and some of the bulgogi sauce.  I thinned about 1/3 with sake to use as a marinade for the shrimp and mushrooms and reserved the rest to use as the chili table sauce for the bibimbap.



1# beef skirt steak
bottled bulgogi sauce
1 # baby bok choi, halved lengthwise
1 T. oyster sauce
1 T. chopped peanuts

Marinade the beef in several tablespoons of the bulgogi sauce for 45 minutes.  Grill over high heat until medium-rare, or to taste.

Stir fry the bok choi in 1 T. neutral oil (I use grape seed oil) until tender – do not over cook.  Add oyster sauce and stir to coat the bok choi.  Top with chopped peanuts.

Serve beef and bok choi over sticky rice with kim chi to taste.



1/2# large shrimp
1/4# large oyster mushroom (or Shiitake or portabello)

1 T. red miso
2 T. Sriracha chili sauce
1/2# bottled bulgogi sauce
2 T. sake

Green Beans, lightly cooked
Cherry or grape tomatoes, quartered
Carrot, julienned

1 large egg per person, fried in 2 T. olive oil until browned at the edges but the yolk is still runny.

Marinade shrimp and mushrooms in sake-thinned chili sauce.  Grill until just tender.

Serve on sticky rice with shrimp, mushrooms, green beans, carrot and tomatoes arranged in separate piles around the edge.  Top with fried egg.  Serve reserved chili paste on the side for each diner to add to the bibimbap to taste.

Add chili paste to taste and mix


9 thoughts on “Korean times two

  1. Hello! I have just been introduced to you by Wendy at Herding Cats in Hammond River, and I’m pleased to meet you. I am not much of a cook, but my husband is amazing. I visited Korea in 2009 and had wonderful bibimbap and bulgogi. Hungering for more when I returned home (Connecticut), my husband “whipped up” both, along with kimchee. For me, Korean food has been an acquired taste, but it’s growing on me (horizontally, as with all the food I consume!). It’s hard not to like something that’s so healthy!

    I love art, too! I often blog about it at Big Happy Nothing.

    This post leaves me hungry for more posts! I’ll be back!

    • Yes I got Wendy’s message and now the pressure is on. Seven things about myself…hmmm. And it’s on me since Curt said, “I did the last post.” But I will come up with something, there might be some things about both of us, he he. Heading over to your blog now, Wendy has great taste so I’m sure it will be good. And we already have “husbands who are amazing cooks” in common.

  2. Nicely edited, great pics and deliciously colorful recipes. My year in Korea (1965) wasn’t long enough for just one reason …. the correct balance of colors and flavor you have presented in these dishes. Happy Fathers’ Day. I think I’ll make German pancakes. 🙂

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