New Franken Sunset

This is really a dish for high summer when you have too many tomatoes and peppers.  It’s a ratatouille-like combination but without the  eggplant.  We named it New Franken Sunset because I first served it at dinner but it would work well as breakfast (“I’d eat that for breakfast!” – more about that in a latter post), brunch or lunch.  This version includes a base mix of 3 cups of red (mostly) and green bell peppers, onions, and tomatoes sauteed with garlic, some vinegar, smoked paprika and basil that I froze at the end of the summer.  Today I sliced and sauteed one small yellow squash, one small orange pepper and three large Shiitake mushrooms, and added these to the base mix.  Once  the Sunset mix is hot, poach two large eggs in the mix until done to taste.  Serve with a crusty roll and butter.  Serves two.

2 thoughts on “New Franken Sunset

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