Steak smothered in Pasta

That’s right, steak in pasta. Last night the question, “What do you want for dinner?’ centered around steak. Only because Curt had been rummaging in the freezer and found a small steak and a piece of tilapia. I am not a lover of fish, so I felt a compromise would be good. Make me the steak and Curt and Nathan could share the fish. Somewhere in the deliberations Italian sausage took the place of the fish. I was still interested in the steak but my son does not care for steak no matter how it’s prepared. So once again Curt got creative. The steak was marinated in a Sicilian-esque bath and grilled along with the sausage. The sliced steak and sausage was added to some sauteed onion and red and green bell pepper, a bunch of fresh basil and  some roasted tomatoes and we ended up with a sausage and pepper pasta with steak.  The spinach in the garden has just started getting to the right size for cutting so a spinach salad with onion and tomato was a nice complement both in flavor and color.


3 thoughts on “Steak smothered in Pasta

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