We all cuss for Asparagus

Freshly picked

It started out slow. Weather was cool, but we were able to pick a few pounds but then a late frost and all the tips got soft and mushy. So the 30-year-old asparagus patch just wasn’t producing like it had in the past. We knew it would slow down one day. But then the heat started. We’ve had 3 days of 80 and 90 degree weather and the spears are shooting up. I think today’s pick was about a pound. There were years when we picked 2-3 pounds in a day but the 30-year-old patch is feeling its age.

The garlic is looking really good and Curt put the tomatoes in their cages today. Cage bottoms are wrapped to keep moisture in and critters out. We are hoping if the furry visitors can’t see what’s in the cage they won’t get curious. Tomato plants aren’t very tasty but the nine line ground squirrels still like to take a bite just to make sure. We also share our one & a-third acre with rabbits and deer who wander through now and then. We haven’t seen any woodchucks yet but Curt’s foot went through the lawn yesterday into a big hole that was part of a good sized tunnel. Right at the corner of the barn. He wrenched his back since he just didn’t expect his foot to keep going when he put it down on seemingly firm ground. It will be interesting to see how much dirt it will take to fill it up.

I’ve just received a report that the corn, squash, beans, beets, chard, broccoli and the peas are up, the peppers and eggplant are in and mulched.

Tags on cages

Curt and the cages


4 thoughts on “We all cuss for Asparagus

  1. Hey Jeanne, wonderful BLOG, great pic of Curt and a nice part of a undoubtedly wonderful garden. Great menus and although my memory doesn’t serve me well enough, they look similar to some of the delicious dishes I/we would have been served up in your aromatic kitchen. Hope to see you soon.

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