The 5 year plan

My son has graduated! Huzzah! Hoorah! Whew! He now has a B.S. in Geology and I don’t have to pay anymore tuition. No more tuition was part of the reason I retired but a lot of factors went into that decision. I think for Nathan it was a little bittersweet. He opted to stay in the dorm for the 5 years he spent at college. He never was really interested in the maintenance it would take to live in an apartment. So I think on the Friday before graduation, the packing up for the last time was a tough task. His roommate was still in residence so it wasn’t completely barren yet but soon even the dust-bunnies were going to be history. His Grandmother cheered him on and soon everyone was in the act, sorting, packing, tossing the pizza boxes and soda bottles and walking everything out to the cars. We left Nathan with his change of clothes, his cap and gown, his toiletries and of course, the dust-bunnies. He and his roommate had the task of removing their presence and the thick coating of dust from the room before they were officially checked out. We came back around 6 pm to take Nathan out for a celebratory dinner. We went to a sushi restaurant, Shanghai Bistro, which I still have a hard time getting used to, watching my son eat sushi, that is. This is the guy who as a kid ate only beige food that remained segregated on his plate. What a difference growing up makes.

So on to graduation at 2pm on Saturday. He processed,

they gave him his diploma

and Mom was happy, relieved and really, really proud.


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