Titles don’t matter

I hate coming up with new titles for every post.  Can’t I just say post 1, 2, etc? Of course would that entice anyone to read? Probably not.

What’s happening around here? Oh yeah, we’ve started sorting and digging through the tons of junk we own to get ready for a summer garage sale.I fear we will still be sorting in September because we have so much stuff. Just going through the upper, not the lower, cupboards in the kitchen netted 4 boxes of excess dishes. Not that also doesn’t count the piles of restaurant china in the attic of the garage. Keep following along here, I’ll keep posting pictures as we get close to the actual sale. Some stuff may hit Ebay rather than the asphalt in front of my garage but don’t worry, there will be a lot to choose from right here at Heuer Hill. Pictures below feature some of the first entries to the garage sale gala.

green dishes, white bowls, small stuff


One thought on “Titles don’t matter

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