Birthday, birthday

This is my birthday post even though my birthday was Sunday, May 2. Retirement is damn busy.  Everyday fills up really fast. My birthday was no exception. It began with a great breakfast prepared by my sweetie. French toast made from whole wheat croissants topped with cleverly cut strawberries and a sprinkling of powdered sugar. After breakfast I hustled off to church to please my mother.  After church it was home, change clothes, make lunch and off to the public library (my former employer) where Curt and I were volunteering to help set up for the semi-annual used book sale. Three hours of bending over, taking books out of boxes and putting them on tables. Books I might add, that we had  helped put into these same boxes when they had been originally donated or withdrawn from the library. These book sales are the pet project of the Friends of the Library group and net over $30,000 each.

Well to make a long story short, after we finished at the library our next stop was the wildlife sanctuary to do a bit of birding. Mostly we got in a good walk because we didn’t see many birds.The day ended with takeout from Panda House, a Chinese restaurant that is fast, good and has a great selection. We went with spring rolls, hot sour soup, beef with broccoli and szechuan shrimp. Definitely go with takeout when you are tired and hungry at the end of a busy day. Oh I almost forgot, Curt gave me a knitted parakeet. Yes you heard correctly, Happy Birthday to me.


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