Busy all the time

I’ve only been retired for about a month and I am amazed how fast my days fill up. Two days a week I exercise but gardening is taking up a lot of time  this time of the year. Additionally there is the daily household stuff like laundry and vacuuming and feeding the cats, but then I get started sorting…most recently, art supplies, my underwear drawer and piles of magazines.

Did I mention my new laptop? I had a tidy vacation and sick time payout when I left my job so I thought it was time to give myself a present, a Macbook Pro. Love it! No more running up to the office to check email and facebook and oh, who knows?.. how’s that oil spill situation? What’s a claviger? Where can I get that raspberry-wasabi mustard…sure all those vital questions in life.

But back to my time. In the next couple of days, there will be birding, a play, evaluating a tapestry collection and setting up for the library booksale. So to everyone who asked me what I was going to do, here’s a partial answer. I sure hope I get some time to read a book again.


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