More Food

Yes, I promised food on this blog and mostly I have been going off

on gardening and bird tangents so tonight  its back to food!

Herb mushroom cream soup

We started out with a mushroom soup that was just divine. This was Curt’s own creation so I really can’t direct you to a recipe. Curt calls it herb mushroom cream soup because that’s what’s in it. Three kinds of mushrooms: oyster, shiitake and crimini. Combine those with chicken broth, cream, salt & pepper and add fresh thyme, sage, mint and oregano. I think he used these herbs because that’s what is coming up in the garden right now but they worked just fine. Finished off with a dollop of sour cream on top. This was  followed by a Mexican entrée which was a combination of two recipes from Diana Kennedy, Curt’s “go to gal” for Mexican food.

Corn sopes and Tatemado de Colima

The sopes are made from Diana’s tortilla dough recipe on page 62 of The Cuisines of Mexico by Diana Kennedy (1972 Harper Row). For the two of us he only makes a half recipe and we have leftovers. To the basic recipe he added corn from 2 cobs and 1/2 of a small yellow onion (both sautéed) and one green onion. The pork on top is from the recipe, Tatemado de Colima on page 258 of The Art of Mexican Cooking by Diana Kennedy (1989 Bantam Books). The translation is “baked pork for festive occasions, Colima”, which is a great title. The meat can be made ahead and frozen. We thawed this out and topped our sopes. Perfect!  On the side was a mix of cherry tomatoes, from the market. After all, this is Wisconsin. Enjoy.


One thought on “More Food

  1. All the food looks yummy. Lovin the pictures of Zelda and Butchie. Your blog is cool, had no idea a blog was like this.

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