Garden Clean-up

Flowers and herbs are coming up already and I haven’t even had a chance to get out into the garden to clean-up the old debris from last year. Ok, its 67 degrees out, today is the day I start! Got me barrow, got me tools, get me gloves.

I started raking and the first thing I come upon under all the leaves is some honeysuckle or cottonwood or some such woody invasive that I have to take the shovel to.  This seemed to take forever and I know that I will not have found all of the roots and Curt will wonder later just what I did dig up.  Lots of clumps of grass and blooming dandelions as well. How come these are the first flowers to bloom in the garden, the lawn, the window box? Well they may have been the first but the good guys are catching up.  Here are a few of our welcome plants.



peas have sprouted

Garlic is up! Can the asparagus be far behind?


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